Lions at the Heart of Sidley

Heart of Sidley cleaning up the village
Heart of Sidley cleaning up the village
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Members of Bexhill Lions club have been helping the Sidley community in its regular clean-up of the village. They joined Jay Carroll and his team of local residents, plus youngsters from 1st Sidley All Saints Scouts, Brownies and Cubs, and 1st Sidley Brownies who come together for the monthly event.

Armed with a wide array of gardening tools the whole team attacked the overgrown footpaths at Watermill Lane with determination. Lion Richard Winrow said: “Nothing was spared. Bramble was cut back, overhanging branches removed, litter picked up and weeds uprooted. In just over an hour the difference was clear to see. Pavements that can now be used safely by walkers, pram pushers and wheelchair users. Great to see the local residents getting involved and taking pride in their community. Want to help? The next “clean up” will be Thursday 30 July, meeting 6pm at the New Inn.” For more pictures visit