Little Common Horticultural Society

Laurie Manser certainly brought ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’ to the Community Centre at our last meeting.

To a very large audience he showed slides of Keukenhof, taken over four different visits to the bulb fields.

The panorama of massed beds and rows of bulbs was almost unbelievable and when he quoted how many bulbs had to be replanted every year, the

movement on seats told how many could imagine the back pain involved.

He also showed two short films of small private gardens in England, proving that our standards are just as high in herbaceous borders. In the second half of the lecture, after viewing the Flower Show (which was magnificent this month) he explained how to care for Amaryllis bulbs to encourage yearly flowering.

Do NOT chop off all the leaves after flowering as normally instructed by the suppler. By doing this the bulb can’t feed and will die. Just feed the bulb regularly and it will produce another bloom next season.

At our next meeting on April 11th. Jack Doherty will be explaining the objectives and implementation of the Fair Trade policy to help smaller growers overseas.

It will be held at the Little Common Community Centre starting at 7.15pm.

Visitors and guests very welcome, entrance £1.

Bookings for the outing to Scotney Castle on May 14th.must be confirmed at this meeting.