Little Common roundabout damage

road beam transported through little common causing damage to roundabout
road beam transported through little common causing damage to roundabout

Little Common residents and volunteers have reacted to damage inflicted on the A259 roundabout when abnormal loads passed through at the weekend.

The Highways Agency was criticised by War Memorial campaigner, Liz Downs, who last year helped highlight the “very neglected” state of this landmark at the heart of the village.

Two abnormal loads, each 50 metres long and 100 tonnes, were manoevred through the village towards the link road construction site in Sidley.

Liz said: “In this 21st century we are accustomed to acts of petty and mindless vandalism, but most of these pale into insignificance when compared to that inflicted on Little Common Roundabout by the Highways Agency last Saturday and Sunday.

The transporting of two bridge spans on low loaders has resulted in the crushing of a newly planted flowerbed and the ripping off of branches from one of the beautiful flowering cherry trees.

The maintenance agreement between Rother DC and the Highways Agency and the sponsorship deal with Cooden Beach Hotel were sealed only a matter of months ago, so the need to transport these bridges must have been on the cards at the time.

Surely someone at the Highways Agency could have had the sense to suggest that planting be delayed.”

Penny Eldridge, part of a Royal British Legion volunteer group which worked on the roundabout to smarten it up for Remembrance Sunday, said: “Having fought so hard to have the roundabout and memorial tidied up, and our planting last year, this was a thoughtless act - a bridge too far!”

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said: “We had two large bridge beams delivered to the Link Road site over the weekend.

“As these were abnormal loads, their delivery was organised with close liaison between the police, Highways Agency and the haulier.

“Measures were put in place to minimise damage to the roundabout, which were largely successful, however our colleagues at Rother District Council will assess the scope of any renovation required and the Highways Agency will fund any repairs needed.”