Bexhill beach looking great thanks to hard-working volunteers

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BEXHILL Environmental Group (BEG) would like to wish all their members, friends and helpers a very happy Christmas and are already planning their first New Year beach clean.

A spokesman said: “Our last beach clean on December 7 was another very successful outing – very well attended by the locals and further boosted by a posse of ‘santa hat’ wearing students, and a tutor, from Brighton University.

“BEG was delighted at the numbers who attended the clean up and have now started to record a list of items collected, among which were a concrete post block, several plastic items and some dangerously-sharp rusty tins.

“A hypodermic needle was also removed from the beach, but as BEG does not have a ‘Sharp box’, we had to gain permission to dispose of it correctly. If anyone can assist with a ‘Sharp Box’ or advise us on how to dispose of needles safely – please leave a message on our website.

“Other items collected included a disposable camera, a dummy, a lighter and plastic paint bush handle.”

Volunteers collected 25 sacks of rubbish and while enjoying refreshments, (again kindly donated by the Little Common Co-operative store) remarked upon the lack of buckets.

Joe Conneally, on behalf of BEG, said: “We are delighted to announce that an anonymous donation will enable us to purchase additional buckets in time for our next beach cleaning event on January 25.

To find out more about the group visit www.bexhillenvironmentalgroup.org.uk.




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