Care for others- not just at Xmas

Bexhill Mayor Making 2013. 22/5/13
Mayor Frances Winterborn.

Bexhill Mayor Making 2013. 22/5/13 Mayor Frances Winterborn.

BEXHILL Town Mayor Frances Winterborn wants everyone to make a New Year’s resolution and that’s to ‘look out for a neighbour’.

Cllr Winterborn says many people have come upon hard times and many are lonely, but, she says loneliness doesn’t get thrown out with the wrapping paper.

She said: “Doing my rounds I was made quite aware of the struggle that some people were having. More join their ranks every day. At Christmas the emphasis is on those most in need. Why? Because the consensus is that we should all be caring and looking out for one another during the festive season.

“People feel isolation all year round and with the Charter Centre in doubt as to whether it will remain open makes a bleak outlook for a lot of old folks. The majority of older people in Bexhill are over 75 and the only time they see anyone is when they desperately need help.”

Cllr Winterborn would like everyone to help others in the community and make a resolution for 2014: “My New Year message is Look Out For A Neighbour. I know you might avoid some of these old folks because they talk too much but have you asked the reason why? You will probably be the only human contact they have had in weeks and it will all spill out. They might be suspicious of you and they have every right to be because of all the conmen about. Patience and empathy will have to take over.”

“Give it a try you might enjoy their company. The older generation are maligned quite a bit as being duffers, don’t you believe it! They are a wealth of information, have a wicked sense of humour and have the patience to listen to you. It’s about time someone was listening to them.”




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