Could bowling be in the mix in Bexhill’s new state-of-the-art sports centre?

Members of Bexhill Town Forum voted unanimously for ten-pin bowling to be included in the proposal for a state-of-the-art sport and leisure centre complex in the town.

Scott Lavocah, Rother’s Contracting Team Leader, told the Forum that the council wanted to centralise leisure facilities, currently at Glyne Gap and the Leisure Centre, on one site - at the Leisure Centre and the former Bexhill High School.

RDC is keen to do this because the two current facilities are now 20 years old and showing their age - the use of space on the Leisure Centre site was not good and the contract with RDC due to expire in 2016. There is interest in re-locating the Drill Hall as part of a new complex and redevelopment of the area for the link road is providing ideal opportunity..

Facilities for all ages would be brought under one roof and these are envisaged as a larger swimming pool, increased health and fitness facilities, multi-use games area and skate park.

Scott said: “If we can make the financial case this could happen in about five years. And Rother is considering including ten-pin bowling for the site.”

Members, however, questioned whether “considering” meant a determination that that it should happen.

Russell Meredith said it was RDC’s policy not to dispose of a sports facility without replacing it with something of equal standard or better, and queried if this would be the case.

Campaign chairman Bill Roarty pointed out that Ocean Bowling had catered for the disabled, young people and the retired, and said: “All we are getting is a ‘maybe’ but that is what we want.”

Scott Lavocah commented that no expressions of interest had been received from bowling operators.

Paul Courtel asked why the company that owned the former facility at Ravenside had not been sent the letter inviting expressions of interest and if the company expressed an interest and offering major investment, would they be considered?

He was assured that they would.

Members heard the cost of the proposed complex could be anything from £12 million to £18 million and that Rother had put aside £30,000 to cover costs for a facility study.

The scheme was an executive priority in Rother’s corporate plan for 2006-2016.




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