Getting sporty - how that team spirit comes shining through

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The theme of this week’s Looking Back is pretty much girls in teams - with the occasional male face - and was inspired by a letter by Miss M.Chester who send us the photograph from the Observer of March 28 1964 under the headline ‘Fine netball season at Down school.’

She writes: “I taught PE and Biology at the then Bexhill Down secondary school for four years 1961-65 and the girls in the photograph were my netball teams. The U16 team was very loyal with team spirit as nine girls stayed together as U14, U15 and U16 teams. I wonder how their lives have progressed. One girl, Caroline Jones, now Mrs Baxter (back row fourth from left) I see occasionally in Bexhill. She has now retired from the headship at Chantry primary school, Bexhill. Where have 50 years gone? I would be very interested to hear news of how the other girls have progressed through those 50 years.

I still have a yellow cotton reel left from when we all made our yellow skirts. Imagine girls making their own skirts today!” You can contact Miss Chester via the Observer, by calling 01424 854242, or email We have here a selection of photos of other teams from the past - tell us if you recognise yourself or others.

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