Getting together for safety in the neighbourhood

Rother Neighbourhood Watch

Rother Neighbourhood Watch

Bexhill Town Mayor Cllr Frances Winterborn drew a raffle for Rother Neighbourhood Watch at the town hall assisted by PCSO’s Darren Owen and Aden Cox, and RNW chairman Ted Kemp.

The raffle was held with the help of local businesses which donated prizes achieving a “significant” amount of money. Mr Kemp thanks them and the public for buying tickets as well as Chief Inspector Katy Woodflord, Sussex Police, and Rother District Council for their support.

He added: “We are still looking for people to come onto the committee to help us take Rother Neighbourhood Watch into the future. I hope many of you in Rother read the Observer on the 22nd November the column on crime written by Greg Barker MP, regarding the low crime rate in Bexhill and Battle that is partly down to the vigilance of locals. That is why we need you to come forward to join us as a committee member,RNHW member or a coordinator for your area to help lower the crime.

We are the eyes and ears of Rother for the police. So please go to our website on www.rothernhw.co.uk and get in touch.”




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