Link Road protestors’ New Year’s Day dance demonstration

More than thirty anti-Link Road protestors took part in a New Year’s Day dance event.

Members of the Combe Haven Defenders group dressed in facepaint and animal masks braved high winds and heavy rain to stage the dance on the route of the road, before spelling out the words “Rise Waters Rise” using sixteen specially-painted umbrellas.

Andrea Needham, a spokesperson for the campaigners, said: “Today we’ve called upon the rain spirits to wash away the wickedness of this £113m white elephant road – a ‘low value’ scheme that should never have been funded. More roads mean more traffic and and therefore more carbon emissions, contributing to the unfolding catastrophe of climate change. It is therefore highly appropriate for us to be calling on the weather to slow down those who are helping to destroy both our beautiful valley and our climate.”

Campaigners are also calling on the Department for Transport not to carry over its £57m grant for the project into 2014 on the grounds that rising costs mean that the project is now “low value for money” and East Sussex County Council’s failure to spend the grant in 2014 as planned contravenes the grant’s conditions.




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