Neighbourhood Xmas message

ROTHER Neighbourhood Watch (RNHW) reminds residents that thieves don’t hang up their swag bags at Christmas and asks to consider those less fortunate.

RNHW chairman, Edward Kemp, sends this Christmas message: “Do not forget about crime in your area. You may be having a great time with family but there is always someone out there ready to take your belongings.

“Also give a thought to your neighbours at this time of year. If they live on their own or are elderly give them a call to see if they are well or if they need some shopping. It does not take much of our time to think of others.”

“As we go into the New Year I intend to take RNHW into the future to make our areas safer with your help. We can do this together. So from myself, my committee and all the coordinators in Rother we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.” www.rothernhw.co.uk.




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