Police continue drink-drive purge

SUSSEX Police’s clampdown on drink-related driving offences has seen another 18 motorists caught and charged.

The latest cases bring the total number of people ordered to appear in court to 48 since Sussex Police’s drink and drug campaign started on December 1.

Chief Inspector Natalie Moloney sent a clear message to those who continue to flaunt the law.

He said: “We know that there are a group of drivers who do not believe the drink-drive limit is there for them but I still feel sad and frustrated when so many people are being charged with offences.

“Drink and drug driving makes the roads of Sussex more dangerous for everyone. Clearly some are not listening or are choosing to ignore our attempts to educate them through our warning campaign. They need to know that we will make every effort to find them and get them off the roads.”

Part of the Sussex Police campaign is to name and shame offenders. Rik Cowland, 44, Villa Road, St Leonards, was arrested at 11.50pm on Saturday, December 14 after his vehicle was stopped in Ninfield Road, Bexhill, and of the 18 recent offenders five had been involved in car crashes when caught and arrested.

Sergeant Mark Evans, from Bexhill Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “It is disappointing to see motorists are still willing to risk not only their own lives, but the lives of others by drink driving. The only way to be safe this festive period is to leave the car at home, enjoy yourself, and leave the driving to someone else.” To report anyone driving antisocially visit www.operationcrackdown.co.uk.




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