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Once again Bexhill Rotary Club has got involved with the Mustard Seed Relief Mission by delivering over 120 Love in a Box shoe boxes to the mission’s base in Eastbourne.

Some of these shoe boxes were donated by Bexhill Rotarians and their friends and some were donated by the children at St Mary’s in Wrestwood Road.

Mustard Seed, which is celebrating its 20th year since formation, has every year for

more than a decade been collecting shoe boxes in October and November.

The shoe boxes come from far and wide from churches, schools, voluntary organisations such as

Rotary clubs, businesses and as well as a host of individuals.

Each shoe box contains a selection of goodies which are then transported by lorry to thousands of under privileged children in Eastern Europe. Each lorry contains around 8,000 boxes and it is expected that in the region of 50,000 boxes in total will be transported during November

and December with each box being individually received by a child who would not otherwise have the joy of receiving a gift at Christmas. The Rotarians who delivered the shoe boxes to Eastbourne, President John Cooper along

with Stephen White and Roger Batey, were full of praise for the Mustard Seed operation

and were amazed at the number of colourfully wrapped shoe boxes, with their Love in a Box’messages, all stacked up ready to be loaded on to the next lorry. Stephen White summed up things by saying, “I have never seen so many Christmas presents all in one place so I have every admiration for Mustard Seed’s huge logistic operation. It is really great to know that a good number of children will now have a happy Christmas this year because of these boxes and I am pleased that yet again Bexhill Rotary Club has been involved.”

If you wish to donate to the Mustard Relief Mission then log on to www.msrm.org.uk.

Want to know how to get involved with Bexhill Rotary Club and all its activities?

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