Thinking to the future of Sidley at public meeting

Heart of Sidley public meeting

Heart of Sidley public meeting

The Heart of Sidley held a public event so that local people could hear about plans for the area.

This meeting was at Sidley House and attended by Bexhill Mayor, Cllr Frances Winterborn, Cllr Michael Ensor(ESCC) and RDC Cllr Maurice Watson along with a number of Core Group members of the Heart of Sidley.

It was an opportunity for the residents and people working in the area to view the short film of Sidley made by local young people, and to speak with Core Group members about ideas and suggestions for the future.

All addresses within the Heart of Sidley area had received a leaflet giving a summary of the Community Profile which has now been submitted

to Big Local. The leaflet also gave the Heart of Sidley vision and thefour key themes for the future which are:

Communications and Community Support; Investment and Enterprise; Environment, Image and Community Pride; Community Facilities and Community Activities.




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