Treats for pampered pooches and pups

new shop in little common selling cakes for dogs

new shop in little common selling cakes for dogs

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Tomorrow sees the launch of a business specialising in treats for lucky pets - the new dogs’ cakes, bakery and gift shop in Little Common.

It’s a business dreamed up by nutritionist Cheryl Alford which has been running online for a year and is now so popular she needs a shop base for her birthday cakes and designer goodies.

Her daughter Paije describes her as “dog mad” and said: “Cheryl is a big dog lover and has another business called KomfyK9, dog bording and day care, They stay and play as part of the family.

“One day she just had the idea and mentioned it to my dad... he thought she was crazy but mum is always thinking on brilliant new ideas, we do christmas hampers, birthday parties, home made banners, cards etc.” For more info go to

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