Look out for Kirsten’s paper trail around Bexhill

kirsten torrance paper cutting tail around bexhill FF8Pw31oUbocwJUDrkpa
kirsten torrance paper cutting tail around bexhill FF8Pw31oUbocwJUDrkpa

Inspired by the idea of random acts of kindness, local papercutting artist Kirsten Torrance is about to create a little magic of her own.

Starting from August 16 , every week she is going to leave out a papercut for someone lucky to find and keep.

Kirsten will post clues on her Facebook page, Rother District Council will share these on its FB page and Twitter account, and they will also appear in the Bexhill Observer.

Kirsten created The Steady Hand in May 2013, and said: “I had noticed the odd papercut popping up on my Facebook news feed and I thought they were beautiful. I was amazed at the skill that went into the designing and cutting. Now I have pretty neat handwriting, so I thought that maybe I could give it a try.

After a bit of research I brought what I needed and set about making my own little creations. The first one I made was for my cousin’s wedding. I was pretty proud of what I had created, but that was it, I had caught the bug. Now over a year later, The Steady Hand Facebook page has over 1300 likes and a steady stream of orders.

What I love most about papercutting is that it relaxes me and is very therapeutic. It gives me the opportunity to be creative and create beautiful pieces of art and special keepsakes for others.”