Looking ahead to future in Sidley

A step towards the future has been taken with the newly formed Partnership for the Heart of Sidley.

This is as a result of two years hard work by the Steering Group and now the Partnership is working on the Community Plan ready to be able to start accessing the first chunk of the £1,000,000 to be spent on community projects.

The Steering Group and Partnership members met and celebrated with a Fish and Chip Supper. The first action for the Partnership is to draw up a Big Local Plan which will guide the work carried out over the first couple of years. The Partnership will be made up of local residents, who will vote, and advisors from local agencies and businesses. It is looking for a venue for a community hub to meet with members, hold meetings and offer training.

Anyone with any ideas for projects can contact Joyce Rook on 07595777764 or speak to one of the Partnership Members.