Low bridge is dangerous say worried locals

10/6/14- Woodsgate Park Bridge- part of the BHLR- and the safety wall. SUS-141006-174152001
10/6/14- Woodsgate Park Bridge- part of the BHLR- and the safety wall. SUS-141006-174152001

The newly built wall at Woodsgate Park Bridge is not high enough and could cause loss of life say concerned residents.

Craig Weeks flagged up the problem saying the wall was much higher prior to the link road rebuild.

He commented: “The bridge wall used to be chest height on me - it was pretty tall which made it safe. But when I went along there I was quite shocked to see the height of the wall either side of the bridge was quite low.”

Mr Weeks, who lives in nearby Buxton Drive, discovered the wall, which has capping stones sloping inwards towards the pavement, is just one metre high and said: “What gets me is that is roughly waist height of the average person. I think anything waist height is something you can fall over very easily. And then also with children being children, they will mess around; this is a main road that children walk along to get to the high street on their way to school. It would not take much for one of them to be pushed over.”

Mr Weeks has complained to Councillor Michael Ensor as well as MP Greg Barker and told the Observer: “I want to make people aware of this. There is going to be a major road beneath this. I think it is extremely dangerous. I can’t believe the local council has done this.”

He believes a rail should be installed to make the wall safer.

Sam Headech posted on the Bexhill Observer facebook page he was “disgusted” and said: “It is not high at all, it’s half the size of what it was” and claimed it could cause a fatal accident, being particularly dangerous for young children.

Michelle Thompson supported his view, saying the wall is “a lot lower” than it was, and is worried that childtren might be tempted to throw a stone over causing a serious accident on the road.

And Niki Honeysett asked: “What I want to know is why would you put a wall so low when there’s going to be fast-flowing traffic passing underneath it? Surely it should be higher to prevent accidents from happening? This is a accident waiting to happen.”

East Sussex County Council spokesman said: ”The county council acknowledges concerns about the height of the walls (parapets) of the new Woodsgate Park Bridge over the former railway line. The parapets on the new bridge are a similar height to the original bridge and have been designed and built to national design standards laid down in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (TD 19/06) which specifies a minimum parapet height of 1metre.

“The new bridge will be subject to a safety audit involving the designer, contractor, East Sussex County Council and Sussex Police which will be carried out before the bridge is opened to the public.”