Making life harder for thieves

Bexhill Town Team, Bexhill Neighbourhood Policing Team and Southern Rail have put their heads together to thwart fare dodgers who try to avoid the ticket check at Bexhill Rail Station.

The fare dodgers, often professional thieves who prey on shops in the town centre, were using the station’s bins to climb over the fence to access the railway illegally.

They will now find the escape route over the fence more difficult as Southern Rail has moved the bins.

This means the town’s shopkeepers will lose shoplifters and police officers will save some time to spend elsewhere in the town.

Bexhill’s Town Team has been working hard to make the town more attractive, accessible and safe since it started two years ago as a result of the Portas Review.

Recently it purchased a portable CCTV camera to be used by Bexhill Police in Bexhill town centre.

Hillary Randall, Chair of Bexhill Town Team, commented: “I love this. It is an excellent piece of partnership working. By working together we have made a difference without it costing anything.”

The town’s traders had experienced an increase in shoplifting in the beginning of the year to which Sussex Police responded with Operation Papio. There was an increased presence of PCSOs and constables in the town centre and 12 arrests in the first month.