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jim price, author of the unremitting challenge, a book published to celebrate the 2012 centenary of cooden beach golf club, bexhill

jim price, author of the unremitting challenge, a book published to celebrate the 2012 centenary of cooden beach golf club, bexhill

A BOOK detailing the history of Cooden Beach Golf Club has just been published singlehandedly by a member, in time for the club’s 100th anniversary this year.

Jim Price was the editor of the club’s quarterly newsletter for eight years, and was 74 when he was asked to produce The Unremitting Challenge, Cooden Beach Golf Club Centenary 2012, in 2007 by Hamish Langlands, chairman of the centenary committee.

Armed with desktop publishing system QuarkXpress and a number of printers’ guides such as the Oxford Stule Manual and New Hart’s Rules, Mr Price spent six years lovingly compiling words, photographs, images and other snippets into what reads as a comprehensive history of Cooden Beach Golf Club and the social and economic changes which have occurred over the last 100 years.

The hardback is in in full colour and is of 208 pages in A4 size, with a dust sheet, and its recommended retail price is £40.

Mr Price said: “My objective, as I see it, was to produce a book of the highest quality possible covering the history and life span of Cooden Beach Golf Club, that is interesting not only to club members, but also to guests, visitors, families, friends and other local interested parties, and possibly all golfers and would-be golfers in general. Certainly our golf societies will be covered. This criteria was of my own choosing and I hope that I may have produced a book that people will willingly purchase and wish to read and keep.”

Normally when such a book is produced there would be more than one person involved in its production: author, editor, researchers, secretary, typist, photographer, designer, publishers and finally printers, (Hastings Printing Company). However, due to Mr Price’s relationship with the printer regarding the Club’s quarterly newsletter, The Cooden Beach Golf Club Echo, it was thought thathe could cope with the full package. Mr Price said: “It has been my wish to illustrate the book as much as possible, pictures speak volumes. In particular people, for it is people who make the history. Writing about people who one never met or knew, purely from minute books, is like walking through a minefield. I hope that I may have interpreted inflections accurately.”

• Available from Cooden Beach Golf Club, DLWP and soon from Bexhill Museum.




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