Museum brings history to life

WW1-themed Family Open Day at Bexhill Museum
WW1-themed Family Open Day at Bexhill Museum

More than 600 people attended a spectacular First World War-themed Family Open Day at Bexhill Museum on Friday August 8.

Entrance to the museum, as well as all activities were free for the entire day which featured Hands on History and the Norfolk Regiment Living History Group stationed in Egerton Park.

Professional artist Jane Churchill and volunteers ran a variety of art and craft activities inside the museum.

Boys and girls experienced what it was like to be recruited as soldiers and nurses, the living history soldiers signed them up, introduced them to the kits, uniforms and duties and put them through their paces drill practice and medical checks, in kitted out replica period tents.

The Hands on History team introduced the families to uniforms and kits, from both allied and enemy forces.

They also took group photos of the families, like families would have done during the war, just before their loved ones went off to fight or care for the wounded in the war effort.

Inside the museum, children made their own leather dogtags, replicas of the tags that soldiers were issued with during the First World War, a metal version belonging to career soldier Clement Whyborn from Bexhill, is on display in the Bexhill Remembers exhibition.

Clement was killed in action on August 15 1914, aged 22.

Our project artist Jane was assisted by children and parents to make a huge airship sculpture that will shortly go on display in the museum stairwell.

The day was a huge success and introduced children and families to many aspects of the First World War, with hands on activities and experiences that will help them to understand more about the conflict and what life was live for people during the war.