Neighbourhoold watch members to help burglary victims with advice & support

POLICE in Bexhill have launched a new scheme which will see locals who have been burgled receive a follow-up visit.

Anyone who has fallen foul of burglary will soon be offered a meeting with a member of Rother Neighbourhood Watch (RNW) team in the hope they can provide further reassurance, crime prevention advice and an insight into the benefits of greater community cohesion in being vigilant to crime.

RNW chairman Ted Kemp explained: “I am pleased that Rother Neighbourhood Watch is being recognised in the help we give the Rother policing team.

“I feel that the idea of us doing follow up visits to victims of crime is essential as it will give us more insight on what we are looking out for in the future and also enables us to be there for the members of the public who have had a crime committed on or in their property.

“It’s not always what the intruder takes from your home; it’s that someone has been in your home without an invite that can often be most upsetting. We will have more time to talk to you and reassure you that we are here for you if you need to talk.”

The idea for the scheme came from PCSO Rachael Scott of Bexhill Neighbourhood Policing Team, who said: “This is a really positive step forward in working together with RNW.

“We are hoping that the extra reassurance from a RNW visit may encourage victims of crime to sign up and become active members themselves.

“The more members of Neighbourhood Watch circulating topical crime messages and keeping an eye on neighbours can only help with reducing the fear of crime and encourage neighbours to become vigilant in the streets that they live in.

This pilot scheme is being carried out on behalf of Sussex Police and if successful could be pushed out across the rest of the county.

Rother District Commander Warren Franklin said: “Sussex Police is committed to working alongside our many partners and volunteers to help keep Sussex a safe place to live. The enthusiasm and willingness by RNW to be involved in this scheme highlights the excellent partnership we have and will go a long way to bringing the community closer together.”