New move to tackle parking problems in our town centre

Increased action on parking problems was announced at Bexhill Town Forum.

Members were told how three additional PCSOs started dealing with parking issues in the town centre this week.

Acting chairman Paul Courtell - who organised a public meeting to air parking isues - felt these extra resources could have resulted from the strength of feeling shown by local people.

Resident Dorothy Dale commented that officers had been particularly active in Western Road.

County Cllr Michael Ensor told the Forum in St Mark’s church hall, Little Comm, that presentations had been made to East Sussex County Council the previous day regarding opposition to camper vans parked overnight on West Parade.

County Cllr Carl Maynard, Lead Member for Transport and the Environment, had received them and instigated a comprehensive review. This was over and above the official recommendation which was that it would happen only when resources became available. “Action is being taken not only by police but also by East Sussex County Council,” said Cllr Ensor. The parking review had been accelerated to be done in the current financial year and there would be consultation beforehand.

Focussing on sustainability, planning expert Christopher Lewcock felt both Rother and ESCC could do more to ensure that future developments would create more energy sustainable environments. Rother’s Corporate Plan had nothing about energy sustainability, he said, and while the North East Bexhill master plan sets out sustainable use of resources it was only in general terms. He questioned if higher density in existing built-up areas was being considered, if the council was aiming towards greater energy sustainability, or thinking about reducing car use, and asked if developers were under pressure to do better.