New PCSO on job satisfaction and working in Bexhill

Neil Holden pcso

Neil Holden pcso

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Here’s a new face set to become a familiar sight around Bexhill town centre - PCSO Neil Holden who joins us having worked for six years in Rye.

“It’s a new challenge,” said Neil. “Rye is like a big village - everybody knows each other and after a while you almost get to know people a bit too well. Bexhill is more spread out. I have been here since December and it has been really good, I am glad I made the change. You need a new challenge after a while, you can become a bit stale if you are not careful.”

Neil is finding that his day to day work is “very varied” and added: “I really love the job. It is a fantastic job, and no two days are ever the same. One day it can be making house-to-house inquiries following a burglary, and it can be all about words of reassurance and advice, such as when I gave a talk at a coffee morning following a scam in Bexhill. to people living in sheltered accommodation who were very pleased. It is about being seen, and being in contact with people, and that is what I like doing the most. It is just getting out there. I do get a lot of job satisfaction.”