ninfield horiticultural flower show
ninfield horiticultural flower show

Ninfield Horticultural Society held “yet another very successful and colourful show with a lovely display in all classes” according to the organiser.

Rose Franks reports: “Numbers were slightly down, particularly in the flower entries, but the hall was still full of quality exhibits.

There were many visitors and those doing the welcome tea and home made cakes were kept extremely busy throughout.

The children’s entries were wonderfully imaginative, particularly the marrow monsters and the breakfast trays. The photographic judge commented on the good quality of the photographs and the interesting range of topics. I was surprised when the photograph exhibitor from Jersey actually arrived at the show! There was a welcome increase in numbers of those entering the baking classes and it was good to see a spread of winners for some very mouth-watering exhibits. There were some magnificent vegetables including the heaviest marrow weighing in at around 30 pounds! Although the floral art entries are still lower than one would like, the quality made up for the lack of quantity. The title ‘Delicious’ produced some lovely ‘flower cakes’ and skill and imagination were shown in the minute display ‘Cluck’, an arrangement in an egg shell. By popular request, the usual childrens’ class of a ‘garden in a seed tray’, was this year an adult class. The resulting imagination and attention to detail was amazing.

There was a real buzz in the hall and this is not only a flower show, but an opportunity for people to meet, enjoy the exhibits and catch up with people over that welcome tea and cake. Even the Red Arrows flew past as the prizes were being awarded!”

Summer Show 2014 – Class Winners

Division 1 – Vegetables and Fruit

Brian Croft

2. Brian Fryer

3-7 John Day

8. Shelley Squance

9-10 John Day

12. Andrew Smith

13. Jackie Langley

14. Pete Saunders

15. Jean Isaac

17. Ivan Luck

19. Jean Isaac

20. Pat Ffoulkes

22. Brian Fryer

23. John Day

24. Ivan Luck

25. John Day

26. Pete Saunders

27. Lillian Carr

28 – 29 Rod Ffoulkes

30. Andrew Smith

31. Rose Franks

31a Brian Fryer

Division 2 – Chrysanthemums

37. David Carr

Division 3 – Dahlias

40 – 40a Pete Saunders

41. Jim Bingham

43. Pete Saunders

44 – 48 Jim Bingham

49 – 51 Pete Saunders

52. Jim Bingham

54. Jim Bingham

Division 4 – Open Classes

55. Kaye Crittell

57. Paula Smith

59. Jean Isaac

60. Lillian Carr

62. Lillian Carr

64. Brian Fryer

65. Paula Smith

68. Lillian Carr

69 Sybil Clarke

70. Paula Smith

Pot Plants

72. Brian Fryer

73. Lynn Denton

74. Brian Fryer

75. Sybil Clarke

Division 5 – Floral Art

76 – 77 Beryl Harmer

78. Pauline Parks

79. Sybil Clarke

80. Marion Davies

Division 6 – Domestic Classes

81. Lynn Denton

82. Kaye Crittell

83. Amy Purcell

84. Kaye Crittell

85. Robin Goldsmith

86. Marion Davies

87. Sue Edwards

88. Paula Smith

89. Lynn Denton

90. Sue Edwards

91. Jane Bartlett

Division 6a – Jams, Jellies, Chutney

92. David Carr

93. Jane Bartlett

94. Jane Dommerson

95 – 96 Jane Bartlett

97. Lynn Denton

Division 8 – Photography

98. Amy Parcell

99. Jackie Langley

100. Robin Goldsmith

101. Jackie Langley

102. Jane Dommerson

103. Robin Goldsmith

Division 9 – Children


104: 1 – 2 years: Jacob Braiden, 3 – 4 years Matty Arnold

Under 8 years:

105. Ruby Wadmore

106. Alexia Wood

107. Iris Wadmore

108. Ruby Wadmore

Age 8 and under 13

109 – 112 Noah Wadmore

Teenage (13 +)

113. Fallon Scott

Special Novelty Classes (Adults)

114. Jane Bartlett

115. Dave Crittell

116. Pete Saunders

117. Robin Goldsmith

118. Dave Crittell

Ninfield Horticultural Society Summer Show Awards 2014

Division 1 – Vegetables

Perpetual Silver Challenge Trophy: John Day

Harold Morris Memorial Trophy: Brian Croft

Perpetual Silver Challenge: Brian Fryer

Gordon Cornford Memorial Cup: John Day

The RHS Banksian Medal: Brian Fryer

Division 3 – Dahlias

J.B. Sparke Esq Memorial Challenge Cup: Jim Bingham

National Dahlia Society Bronze Medal Certificate: Jim Bingham

National Dahlia Society Silver Medal Certificate: Jim Bingham

Division 4 – Open Classes

Perpetual Challenge Cup: Paula Smith

British Gladiolus Society Silver Medal Certificate: Lilian Carr

Eileen E Cornford Memorial Cup: Sybil Clarke

Division 5 – Floral Art

Perpetual Challenge Cup: Lynda Scott

Division 6 – Domestic

Perpetual Silver Challenge Cup: Lynn Denton

Division 6a – Jams/Preserves

Cup for most points in Division 6a: Jane Bartlett

Division 8 – Photography

Ted Ive Shield: Jackie Langley

Division 9 – Children

PreSchool Class 104

Winner 1-2 years: Jacob Braiden

Winner 3-4 years: Matty Arnold

Age 5 – 7 years (Cup) Gold: Ruby Wadmore, Silver: Iris Wadmore Bronze: Alexia Wood

Age 8 – 12 years (Cup) Gold: Noah Wadmore, Silver: Alvin Scott

Teenage Perpetual Silver Challenge Cup: Fallon Scott

Accumulative Awards

The Jubilee Shield (under age 8): Iris Wadmore

Mrs. A. Somerville-Cowan 90th Birthday Award (Age 8 – 12 years): Noah Wadmore

The Archie Owers Memorial Award (Age 13+) Fallon Scott

The Ted Ive Shield (for Photography): Robin Goldsmith/Jackie Langley