Ofsted inspectors back again at Bexhill High Academy

Bexhill High Academy
Bexhill High Academy

Inspectors have made another two-day visit to Bexhill High Academy to check on the school’s progress since it was plunged into special measures last year.

A team from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate visited the Gunters Lane school this week as a follow-up to an earlier visit in November which concluded the school was showing signs of improvement.

Bexhill High recently appointed a new principal who will take charge from September and interim principal Andy Mortimer said staff were meeting the challenge handed to them by the disappointing last OFSTED report.

He said: “We were under no illusions when the school was placed in special measures that Bexhill High would be under the spotlight - and quite rightly.

“I am confident that much progress has been made at the academy since the judgement was made to put the school into special measures.

“So many people have been working so hard to turn the place around, and this two-day inspection is another part of our journey to take Bexhill High to where it needs to be.”