Open day at LCCC

A warm welcome will await you at Little Common Community Centre on Saturday July 19 from 11-2pm.

Its a chance for everyone to find out what they can be part of at the centre - from flower clubs to badminton, bridge, library and even drama.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by seeing what’s available, according to chairman Cllr Stuart Earl.

He is telling members: “The association has come through a very difficult time since Christmas and I thank you all for your patience and understanding while the repairs have been going on. However we must now look to the future with some optimism and do our upmost to rebuild goodwill and membership of each and very group that use our very precious facility. So I hope you will embrace our efforts and support the open day, we do not need your money we want your participation. It will be an opportunity to find new members, and enjoy some community spirit.”