Egerton Park: surely it is better to be safe than sorry

NOT since the saga of the seafront shelters has the Bexhill Observer received so much correspondence on one subject in one week.

The new play zone at Egerton Park, which was formally opened at the annual Party In The Park event on Saturday, has gone down a treat with the town’s youngsters.

The fun new equipment - which includes a zip wire, ‘hamster wheel’ and climbing equipment - has received an enthusiastic response from parents, who are in general pleased to see the launch of a quality place where they can take their little ones free of charge.

That is except for one issue - fencing.

The lack of a fence around the lake and also no clear delineated boundary between the play area and the rest of the park has provoked a huge response.

Letters to the editor (see page eight for a letters special), a hot debate on the Bexhill Observer Facebook page (see page nine) and the launch of another petition give out a clear message - that parents want their children to enjoy this wonderful equipment with the minimal risk of running off, perhaps into the lake, and coming into unwanted contact with dogs off their leads.

As any mother with young children will know, take your attention off them for even one second and they can be off like lightning.

And sadly it will only take one accident to mar what is otherwise being hailed as a great new family attraction for Bexhill.

Rother District Council is to to be congratulated for organising and providing such a super facility for children to let off steam and play.

It deserves praise for the way it engaged the community in the project, asking for ideas, suggestions and feedback from far and wide.

However, the council also needs to rethink the fencing issue - and quickly.

As one concerned parent pointed out in this week’s debate on Facebook, surely it is better to be safe than sorry.