Of train stations and balancing coaches

• FINALLY there appears to be some serious discussion over the potential for a railway station at Glyne Gap.

Yes there are possible pitfalls, such as the line being so close to the sea, but a small platform and footbridge should be well within the scope of Southern, Network Rail, Rother District Council and East Sussex County Council.

This prospect not only would potentially ease the perrenial traffic bottlenecks at the Glyne Gap roundabout, but would provide easy and safe access to the swimming pool and leisure centre, especially for youngsters.

However it does beg the question: if there had been an established halt at Glyne Gap, would Ocean Bowling have continued to have survived as a viable business?

The prospect of a Marks and Spencer is of course very appealing, but as we’ve said before it’s a real shame it’s been at the expense of a leisure facility rather than an existing retail unit.

Here’s keeping our fingers crossed that an alternative site can be found for Bexhill’s ten pin bowling lanes.

• Now as Richard Wilson’s balancing coach has been winched down from the roof of the De La Warr Pavilion, it almost feels like the end of an era.

The installation in tribute to the Italian Job generated such interest on such a huge scale that the DLWP management decided to keep it for another fortnight past the original date.

It really captured and reflected the verve of the 2012 Olympics, which it was commissioned to honour. And honour it it did.

The replica coach is now in temporary storage and we’re wondering where it will appear next.

Perhaps it will appear on the roof of art galleries all over the country, much like Anthony Gormley’s Critical Mass exhibition, which featured at the DLWP in 2010.

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