Original and inventive artwork at Bexhill college

bexhill college art installation
bexhill college art installation

Bexhill College’s BTEC Media students are working towards completion of their course with a showcase of their videos on Wednesday May 14.

The public is invited to come along to the installation exhibition across Bexhill College’s Penland Road site from 6-8.30pm.

The dual themes are ‘Emotion Picture’ and ‘Fight or Flight’, featuring the students’ original and inventive audio-visual interpretations.

The installations have been created in response to specific environments around the college with the selected sites enhancing the meaning of the piece and the experience for the viewer.

Alicen Rhodes, Deputy Head of Creative Arts, said: “The BTEC Media students would like to extend a warm welcome to the community and we hope many people can join us on what is set to be an interesting and inspiring event.” Dotted around visitors will see a variety of video pieces, ranging from small and intimate works in tiny spaces to larger projections which transform areas of the College. All the films relate to the themes of the exhibitions, with many altering perceptions, exploring issues, emotions, responses and fears.

The exhibition is free to attend with further information available by calling Bexhill College on 01424 214545 or visiting the College’s YouTube channel and searching for ‘Emotion Picture’ and ‘Fight or Flight.’