OTPS efforts to improve town

Bexhill- Manor Barn and Gardens.
Bexhill- Manor Barn and Gardens.

The Bexhill Old Town Preservation Society has made essential refurbishments to Bexhill’s oldest venue - the Manor Barn - in the shape of fresh modern toilets as well as appointing a new events manager.

It’s early days but signs are this has more than doubled the venue’s profits, helping to illustrate the vital role of the OTPS within Bexhill.

This continues the trend of recent years with the charity funding many local projects. While changes at the Manor Barn are one example, last year the OTPS funded new equipment for Bexhill Rowing Club, the refurbishment of All Saints Church hall, supplied St Michael’s Church hall with a new cooker, and helped with refurbishment of the Old Costume Museum.

It also paid for pavements and lamp posts in Old Town itself to be replaced.

Michael Kent, OTPS chairman, said: “In 1989, a lady called Mrs Phyllis Dunne unfortunately passed away and left the society a significant amount of money, which we invested so we could carry on our efforts of improving the town.”

Mr Kent has also announced plans to contribute financially for Victorian style street lamps along the seafront to be replaced. However, he worries this pot of money won’t last forever.

The new manager of the Manor Barn, Sue Freeman, has also kicked life back into the venue but she too is concerned that one day the OTPS might not be able to carry on supporting the town.

She believes many people in Bexhill “don’t realise or understand quite how important” the charity is.

If you want to see to support the OTPS or even donate go to http://bexhilloldtown.org/