Parents get stuck into study with their children

Bexhill High Academy has held its innovative Parent and Child Awards - this was in honour of a group of adults who attended school every week for 18 months and worked alongside their children to sain a GCSE Equivalency in PSHE.

Twelve parents and their offspring took the challenge to study together and they completed the seven modules required including Drug Education, Personal Finance, Sex and Relationships Education.

17/7/14- Parent and Child Awards at Bexhill High Academy. SUS-140717-165635001

17/7/14- Parent and Child Awards at Bexhill High Academy. SUS-140717-165635001

Course Facilitator Sarah-Jane Bigby said: “It has been quite a journey and they have had to work extremely hard along the way. It has been a real team effort and I am so proud of the commitment shown by both the parents and children. All of the parents speak really positively of the experience.

“Half of them have now gone into employment, and 60% of them have gone on to further courses that are being delivered at our Skills Centre.”

Philip Penney, father of Aidan in Year 8, said: “The group is a useful way to work. Working alongside Aidan I see his work rate, but I think I cramp his style!”

Gaynor Fuller, Toby’s mother, added: “I’m enjoying the course very much. I didn’t know how I would get along with the GCSE side of it after such a long time with no study. I enjoy working with Toby and look forward to Tuesdays.

I just wish they had done something like this before that I could have done with my eldest Thomas. We are enjoying the entire course.”

And Sarah Payne, whose daughter Madeline is in Year 9 commented: “I enjoy this group because its small, and we are doing a lot more work and I feel like I can achieve it.

It’s really good working with Madeline we have become so much closer and we get one to one which is sometimes hard at home with two other kids.

I wouldn’t change anything about the course.”

Year 9 student Morgan Adam said: “The group helps me so much and it has made my learning enjoyable because I can do my work. I enjoy the practical work. It is so funny working with mum because she has to have the same rules as the students.”

Mum Mandy Barrett felt this as “a fantastic way of meeting other people and socialising.” and said: “As I have not been to school for 25 years it is great to use my brain again plus getting qualifications at the end.” Sarah-Jane added: “It has been a privilege to teach this group and on Thursday last week they all received their qualifications from Andy Mortimer at a ceremony held at the Skills Centre. It was well attended and a lovely opportunity for families of the learners to come and celebrate their success.”