Party on at EDGYFEST

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Heavy skies threatened early on Saturday followed by a “torrential downpour” - but sunshine eventually broke through for the family fun day in Egerton Park which ran alongside EDGYFEST.

Organiser of the party, Marcia Linden, of Friends of Egerton Park, said: “Just as the stallholders were setting up, the heavens opened, totally soaking everyone, and the wind annihilated Russ the music man’s gazebo.

“Russ and his music were saved once everything was transported to EDGYFEST’s marquee and thank goodness the rain eventually stopped, resulting in brilliant sunshine. Everyone who attended really enjoyed themselves, especially children and parents with the wet sponge game organised by Michael Ensor.

“Several stallholders had a good day raising funds and making new friends.”

She added: “Friends of Egerton Park wishes to thank many people starting with Michael Ensor who allowed us to be part of his annual event - erecting our marquee with his wife Sue, John Norris and dismantling it on Sunday with his colleagues, Sue, daughter Rebecca, two Johns, Sylvia.

“Cathy, who helped purchase and transporting refreshments, baking many cakes and scones, manning the refreshment table, said ‘a massive thank you to Graham and Diayn for their staunch support in the refreshment tent, it made all the difference’ and Linda Panagini. David who had to make five car journeys. Doreen Mills, Valerie and Ron Woodhead on the raffle and new members table. Russ aka ‘some old git’ and Paul Diamond for their excellent music and vocals. Complete Event Marshaling who performed an excellent job – in the rain – directing the cars safely on and off the park and looking after everyone’s requests and needs. And of course all the stallholders who had to work so hard in the morning battling with the elements. Thanks also go to those who became FOEP members on Saturday, plus thank you to anyone whose name I have not mentioned.”

The annual general meeting for FOEP will be held at Bexhill Town Hall, 2.30pm on Thursday 19 June when refreshments will be available from 2pm.

Marcia said: “We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible when you will have the opportunity of meeting the new Committee. If you have any questions or require information, please call on 01424 731006.”

This was the sixth EDGYFEST organised by Michael Ensor and he described it as “a wonderful weekend” which for him started on Thursday with setting up all the necessities, including an enormous marquee, sound systems, chairs and tables, and games.

He was thrilled that Friday saw six primary schools arrive to hold sports day in the park and enjoy full use of the facilities.

Saturday brought with it the thunderstorm but clouds parted at noon in time for visitors to start tucking into the Bexhill Lions barbecue and play the Its A Knockout style games which involved much flinging of soaking wet sponges and rushing around obstacles balancing cups of water.

“Everyone was getting wet - it was just great fun. We didn’t end up having a competition but everyone was just having good fun.”

The evening saw a concert by The Wacky Band, and talented youngsters Josh Brown and AJ Griffiths performed for the audience.

“To me it was a bit of a dream of actually having a music slot in the evening,” said Michael.

“This was the first time we had it. There was a very small audience but at least we managed to do it - I would love to see if we could do more of this sort of thing.”

Sunday saw a coming together of churches in Bexhill with first off a service in the morning by The Living Church in Eastwood Road, and in the afternoon at 3pm a celebration of Pentecost, the service led by the Rev Graham Holliday with speaker Fthr David Parminter. Michael commented: “Everyone was there. The whole weekend was down to the genorosity of the churches and Christian friends. We wanted to do this for the town to celebrate the Pentecostal festival.”