Pebsham residents fear 110 new houses

Residents of Pebsham, Bexhill concerned over plans for a new housing development
Residents of Pebsham, Bexhill concerned over plans for a new housing development

Pebsham residents fear the impact of 110 new houses to be built in their area.

John Shotts, of Alford Way, is concerned about Barratt Homes’ plans for development on nearby farmland.

He said; “The infrastructure is just not here to support such a large development. Despite the new link road under construction, there has to be enough capacity on local roads to access the link. Bexhill is currently gridlocked because of the various road closures in the area and with most families owning at least two cars this would potentially mean another 2,000 plus cars in the local area.

“There are not enough jobs for the people already living here. What about school places, sewerage, rainwater drainage, NHS services?

“Apparently, as is the norm these days, I believe a third will be ‘social housing’. Is this just a ruse to move out a lot of people from inner London , ie. a money-making and getting-rid-of-problem-tenants exercise?

Pebsham is already an intensely populated area; bringing in over a thousand more families to an area already struggling seems to be a futile exercise.”

John highlights that Barratt’s has yet to submit a planning application, but thinks Rother District Council will push permission through “come hell or high water.”

He claims there are almost 1,000 objectors so far to the plan.

A Rother District Council spokesman said: “With the arrival of the Link Road we’re now in a position to deliver a scheme which will accommodate a significant proportion of the homes we need, alongside much-needed employment space and other community facilities including a new primary school.

“The new housing will be developed in stages, reducing the impact on the local community, and developers will be required to implement a traffic management plan to address any issues arising from construction traffic.”

He added affordable shared equity and rented housing will account for around 30% “and will help address the growing need for new accommodation for people from Bexhill unable to purchase their own home.”