Pedstrians’ fear “lack of safety”at A259 crossroads

Link Road work is jeopardising safety at the A259 crossing with London Road according to pedestrians who claim the lack of pavement is dangerous.

Maggi Carpenter voiced concern in mid-January and her views were echoed on the Observer Facebook page.

Robert Hollands said he was “surprised no-one’s been run over”, Ruth Bridger described it “horrendous,” and Kerri Honeysett complained of “lack of safe pedestrian access.”

Lindsay White had to cross the road when lights were not working with four children under the age of six.

Maggi claims nothing has happened since: “There are still no signs indicating that pedestrians should use the pelican crossing near the athletic club. Perhaps everyone walking down Down Road now knows this. Perhaps they do not.

“When I spoke to the lady representative on the telephone I said that the pelican crossing was a long way round. She replied that anyone not using it would be ‘lazy!’ She obviously does not push a chair or pram, carry shopping uphill from the town or take children home from school in the rain.”

An ESCC spokesman said: “There are signs in place indicating an alternative route for pedestrians while this work is carried out, which allows safe crossing of the road a short distance away.

“However, we are aware of the concerns that have been raised and we are reviewing the layout and signage for the pedestrian diversion. This review will include a visit to the site this week. While there will inevitably be some disruption in the short-term, this work will ultimately result in improved pedestrian crossing facilities, making this area safer for everyone.”