Plans for public view on naming link road

The future name of the link road came up for discussion at this week’s Cabinet alongside the prospect of adopting a theme.

Rother District Council leader Carl Maynard suggested this instead of choosing an individual name - such as Viking Way, after the former landmark fish and chip shop.

Cllr Paul Lendon told the Observer: “He put forward the idea of having a motoring theme, with different roads named after different cars. I have put forward the

idea of a historical theme - such as Arrow Road or Arrow Close - and I am really behind the idea.”

Cllr Lendon has asked for the subject to be discussed at the next Bexhill Town Forum to find out what local people think.

Cllr Maynard commented this week: “We feel very strongly that as the link road is such a significant development for the area, local people should be involved in its naming.

“We will be aiming to work with the local media to run a competition inviting people to suggest their names for the Link Road, with the chosen name to be selected from a shortlist of five.

“We will be inviting schools to get involved in researching the area’s rich history and suggesting a name for the new community of north east Bexhill.

We will also be considering a ‘theme’ for the naming of the roads within that community.

“The final decision on the naming of the roads and community will be taken by the council’s planning committee. We will begin getting people involved very shortly and hope to have the names agreed by the summer.”

The Observer asked on Facebook for your suggestions - and very creative some of you were too, see page six.