Police chief off to Canada on fact-finding mission

Chief Inspector Warren Franklin
Chief Inspector Warren Franklin

Rother’s district police commander has left for Canada on police fact-finding mission.

Chief Inspector Warren Franklin crossed the Atlantic on Friday (30 May) to join colleagues from the University of Brighton to look at best practice in four Canadian universities that work closely with their local police teams.

Speaking ahead of his 10-day trip, Chief Inspector Franklin said: “This is a unique research opportunity, funded jointly with the University of Brighton, which will allow us to look at future joint opportunities for collaborative working and innovation between Sussex Police and the university.

“We will be reviewing and evaluating different models of campus community safety teams in universities across Toronto, Waterloo and Ottawa.

“A key area for both Sussex Police and the University of Brighton is the option for volunteering and Special Constable deployments as well as future exchange and learning opportunities.”

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to see how other university safety teams are working alongside their local police.

“I am really pleased to see Sussex Police and the University of Brighton taking this innovative approach and researching best practice not only in the UK but as far afield as in Canada. I look forward to finding out from Chief Inspector Franklin how closely the Canadian model could be replicated here in Sussex, particularly around students becoming Special Constables as part of an integrated model, which would be a first in the UK if Sussex Police were to implement it.” The trip is being jointly funded by Sussex Police and Brighton University.