Posties react to new law on dog attacks

New tougher punishment for the owners of dangerous dogs came into force this week and was welcomed by postal workers who dealt with the treat of possible attack as part of their working life.

CWU Bexhill branch spokesman Paul Plim claims this is good news for postmen and women “who for too long have had to undergo dog attacks on private property whilst delivering mail.”

He commented: “All too often we find that many dog owners in Bexhill just have no control over their pets and we are usually the ones who suffer as a consequence. At last we now have legal protection and we look forward to Dog Awareness Week from June 30th to July 4th where we along with Royal Mail will play a part in educating Dog Owners in their new legal responsibilities.”

He backed the statement by Dave Joyce, CWU National Health, Safety and Environment Officer, who said: “The CWU is the organisation above all others that has brought about the Dangerous Dog Law changes, having run a titanic campaign for seven years, during which time 30,000 Postal and Telecommunication workers have been attacked and bitten by dogs with two members nearly losing their lives in vicious maulings.”

The CWU’s high profile Bite-Back campaign, supported by animal welfare charities, police, unions, employers, vets, medics, dog trainers, and dog wardens has helped ensure the UK has “a new, far tougher dog control regime in place to protect not only communication workers but also children and ordinary members of the public.”

Dave Joyce added: “This is a historic day for our members who have suffered by the thousand with dog bites for years and at the same time had fun poked at them with jokes about dogs chasing and biting the Postman when in reality it is anything but a joke.

With a huge loophole in the law finally closing, it means at long last that the past immunity from prosecution for private property attacks, enjoyed by irresponsible and negligent dog owners now disappears and at the same time, new far tougher penalties and prison sentences, rising from 2-years maximum to 14-years maximum come into force along with new Control Orders and Compulsory Microchipping - all the things the CWU has fought for - for so long.”