Protest in high street at banks ‘dirty’ coal

world development movement
world development movement

Campaigners from the Bexhill and Hastings World Development Movement (WDM) group held a ‘Stop Bankrolling Coal’ walking tour of Bexhill town centre.

Their aim was to highlight the role of British high street banks in what they say is financing the destructive coal industry around the world.

The tour visited the “biggest bankrollers of the global coal boom”, revealing details and stories about each bank’s involvement in “dirty” coal.

Using a mock-up of a coal train, the WDM members set off from Devonshire Square inviting passers by to join them on their journey to HSBC then on to NatWest ( RBS), Lloyds and Barclays.

At each stop they spoke out about their thoughts on the bank’s huge investment in coal. Members of the public were invited to take leaflets and cards giving more information.

The group claims between 2005 and 2013, UK banks have poured £12 billion into coal mining, and say coal projects financed by banks have had devastating effects on those communities living where the fuel is found.

In Colombia, whole villages have been wiped from the map by the Cerrejón coal mine, while in Indonesia coal mining is destroying the rainforests and polluting the rivers that indigenous people rely on.

Denis Lucey from the Bexhill and Hastings WDM group said: “The government must take its commitment to tackle climate change seriously, and stop the UK finance sector pouring money into coal, oil and gas.

“Banks often use ordinary people’s money to fuel these industries which destroy the lives of local people as well as the global climate, yet we have no say in what they do with it.

“We need tough regulation to force the banks to pull out of fossil fuels.”

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