Public not warned of link road “chaos”

how link road work affects Bexhill streets
how link road work affects Bexhill streets

Traffic “chaos” and hold-ups on the roads around link road work continue to frustrate drivers and residents alike.

Linda Haffenden contacted the Observer this week to question why disruption was worse than promised by East Sussex County Council, and said: “We were led to believe by ESCC that there would be minimal disruption during the link road construction. Well, what’s happened?

“I understood that there would be no closures on Sidley bridge until either the access route via Elva Way was ready or at least Woodsgate bridge was completed.

The chaos being caused by the traffic around Sidley is unbelievable - on Saturday the taffic tailed from Bexhill Hospital, Holliers Hill and Woodsgate Park in London Road. It took over half hour to go from London Road to Sidley and that was 11am, at peak time its even worse.

“For goodness sake ESCC give us a break, sort out one bit before you start on the next.”

An East Sussex County Council spokesman responded: “We experienced a fault with the temporary traffic lights on the Ninfield Road bridge on Saturday morning and had operatives manually controlling the traffic with stop/go boards until the fault could be rectified.

The Ninfield Road bridge will remain open to one way traffic until the Woodsgate Bridge has reopened.

The work currently being carried out involves the removal of services, such as electricity, water, sewerage and telecoms, that run across the bridge.

Due to the number of services we have had to start work with utility companies in advance of the full bridge closure.”