Question Time-style events on the future of maternity at the Conquest

Conquest Hospital
Conquest Hospital

Residents who have been sharing their views on the future of maternity and paediatric services at the Conquest, have the chance to attend separate Question Time-style sessions on the issue.

Healthwatch East Sussex said to ensure the public are offered an independent forum through which they can question and actively engage with the key decision making bodies, and significant interested parties, it has organised three public meetings which will take place in March.

In December the three local East Sussex CCGs Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) published six options on the future of how maternity and paediatrics would be delivered in the long term at the DGH and the Conquest Hospital in Hastings, which do not include consultant-led maternity at both sites. They are currently carrying out consultation with he public.

The chairs of the three local East Sussex CCGs Dr Elizabeth Gill, Dr Mark Barnes and Dr Greg Wilcox, said, “We are encouraged that Healthwatch is arranging these events and offering an additional opportunity for the Better Beginnings consultation to be discussed in an independent forum.

“The six options for the future of these services are the only ones we believe can ensure the high quality care for local people that we expect as GPs. We want as many people as possible to find out more about what we are proposing, ask us questions and tell us what they think.

“In addition to our own programme of consultation events, the Healthwatch Question Time sessions provide valuable opportunities for us to talk to local people about the future of these vital services.”

The meetings organised by Healthwatch are on March 3 in Hastings, March 10 in Eastbourne and on March 12 in Uckfield. Spaces are limited at the Healthwatch events so to confirm your seat call 0333 101 4007 or go to: To find out more go to: