Refund for Anna following turnaround by King.Com

Anna Mcnaughton
Anna Mcnaughton

Online giant King.Com has refunded hundreds of pounds to a woman who lost her savings playing Candy Crush Saga and other games on Facebook.

Anna McNaughton’s parents, John and Sue of Wealden Way, contacted the Observer to express concern and warn others. Anna, 27, who is quadriplegic with cerebral palsy, cannot get out much so enjoyed playing online without realising that she was incurring extra costs, having purchased ‘gold bars’ to up her level in the game.

She was devastated to find £422 was gone from her account but King.Com has now paid this back in full.

John said: “Anna was delighted and very relieved to hear the news...It had been preying on her mind since we first discovered it and she hadn’t slept well since then. She will certainly not be playing the game again. As far as Sue and I are concerned, we’re very grateful that this matter is concluded, but remain concerned for the many thousands of other families around the world who will fall foul of this immoral business tactic in the days and weeks to come. The company clearly makes its money out of children using their parents’ devices to play this game and racking up huge bills, and then they put up an effective wall of silence to hold onto their money. They must make such transactions more transparent and difficult for a child to do. Anna is a young adult rather than a child, of course, but she still fell foul of this. Many families around the world may be put into severe financial hardship unless the legislation is changed. I have written to Anna’s MP, Stephen Lloyd, and requested that he brings this up in the House of Commons.”