Residents will battle planned development

Homeowners set to fight 44 new houses on their doorstep declared this week: “We intend to win.”

Residents of Fryatts Way, Concorde Close and Ellerslie Lane have reacted to plans by Orbit Homes to build on land occupied by one large house with extensive grounds - the former home of Geoff Larkin of the legendary Bexhill builders family.

They say it is not development they object to but such density which would impact on the quiet leafy residential area occupied mainly by retired people and bordered by green space.

Orbit is asking for approval to knock down the vast property, Moleynes Mead, on Ellerslie Lane, to make way for two and three bed private and affordable houses, access, estate roads, associated parking and amenity space.

Planning notices were posted on February 26 leaving residents 21 days to make their views known to the council.

They met on Sunday evening to discuss immediate action and Barry Pensom told the Observer: “It is not the fact of development - it is what the development is. We were horrified.”

His wife Rosie said: “It is realistic to expect some development but not realistic to have this density.”

Jan Cackett commented: “We always anticipated there might be some development but the feeling at the meeting was that it should be appropriate to the area as it is. This is not appropriate.”

They have submitted objections to Rother District Council but are worried the planning committee will opt to “tick the boxes” and fulfill its housing requirements.

Their main objections are design and type of units planned, likelihood of “massive” parking problems, and density. There are 21 homes in Fryatts Way and 16 in nearby Concorde Close which they fear could be overwhelmed.

Malcolm Wright highlighted development in nearby Barnhorn Road and commented: “This is going to swamp Little Common. The planners have obviously got a screw loose if they are putting this forward.”