Rotary darts challenge

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Bexhill Rotary Club were given the fright of their lives by Bexhill Past Rotarians in their annual darts match held at Little Common British Legion on Monday this week (17th February).

Having triumphed a year ago by a good margin, Bexhill Rotary Club entered the contest in blind faith and full of confidence but it was the Past Rotarians who raced to a 3-1 lead before you could blink an eye, it was only for the coolness of Bexhill Rotarian team of Roger Heyes and Mike Barton that prevented the score line from being a lot worse. The atmosphere was, to say the least, electric as darts players from both sides huffed and puffed with the supreme effort of throwing their darts some of which found great difficulty in not only hitting the intended target but actually landing on the dart board itself! After much banter, good humour, nail biting finishes and furrowed brows, the Bexhill Rotarians gave one last supreme effort with the teams of Adrian Alpine/Hugh Allen and John Raeburn/Roger Batey just winning the last two games by a whisker to bring the final score line to three games apiece, which meant that as holders Bexhill Rotary retain the coveted trophy.

Players, supporters and friends then staggered breathless into an adjoining room where they were treated to a very welcome pie, peas and chips followed by rice pudding and jam, all washed down with some liquid refreshment.

The grand finale was the reluctant presentation of the darts trophy by Bexhill Past Rotarians President Frank Chaplin to his opposite number in Bexhill Rotary, President John Cooper, with the words, “Many thanks to the organisers, Albert Hall from Past

Rotarians and John Raeburn from Rotary, for yet again arranging such a great evening. Such a shame we have to give away the trophy, we very nearly got you this year but you can be sure we’ll get you next year!”

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