Rother to debate setting targets for performance

MONDAY, January 28, will see Rother councillors debating the way they hope to see the authority perform over the next financial year.

A joint meeting of the district council’s resources and services scrutiny committees at Bexhill town hall will consider key performance indicators for 2013/14.

Members will be mindful of continuing reductions in central government grants as they propose levels of service they wish to see delivered to residents.

Recommended targets for 2013/14, and forecasted results for 2012/13, are as follows -


New target: Homelessness prevented for 300 households (seven in 1,000)Current year forecast: Prevention for more than 300 households (seven in 1,000)

Speed of processing benefit applications

New target: Average time taken to process new claims, 24 days. Average time taken to process changes of circumstances to existing claims, 15 days.

Current year forecast: 21 days and 13 days respectively.

Benefit payments paid by local authority error

New target: A target of 0.48 per cent of all payments. Current year forecast: 0.45 per cent.

Income from business units owned by Rother DC (gross)

New target: £190,000

Current year forecast: more than £185,000.

Income from planning application fees

New target: £450,000

Current year forecast: more than £430,000.

Income from building control applications , including management fee charged to Hastings Borough Council (gross) New target: £488,100.

Current year forecast: approximately £447,000.

Income from car parks (gross)

New target: £1,253,100

Current year forecast: £1,222, 500

Rother District Council’s chief executive, Derek Stevens, said: “By following the recommended targets and delivering our corporate projects, the council will continue to deliver on the priorities set out in its current and proposed Corporate Plan.”

While focusing on a small but carefully chosen set of performance indicators - a system adopted in 2011/12 - members continue to be able to undertake in-depth consideration of any area of concern.

Recommended key performance indicators will be forwarded to Cabinet for approval.