Roundabout “still a disgrace” says campaigner

19/8/14- Glyne Gap roundabout, Bexhill. SUS-140819-132115001
19/8/14- Glyne Gap roundabout, Bexhill. SUS-140819-132115001

A Bexhill resident who appealed for local businesses to sponsor the Glyne Gap’s ‘eyesore’ roundabout has had a result, albeit not exactly what she had in mind.

Local campaigner Joan Symes has fought for months to get the roundabout on the A259 next to Ravenside Retail Park improved and appealed to retailers through the Bexhill Observer (August 8) to sponsor it.

Joan said the roundabout, which was covered in weeds and badly overgrown, was ”an eyesore” and gave a poor impression to visitors and she hoped to see improvements along the lines of a fishing boat or stones from Bexhill beach spelling out ‘Welcome to Bexhill’.

Since then the Highways Agency (HA) have undertaken some improvement works, which Joan said leaves much to be desired: “Since my protest about the Ravenside Roundabout the HA have decided to cut it. If you can call it that!”

“The whole lot wants weed killer on it. It still looks an utter disgrace for this end of Bexhill.”

A spokesman for the HA said: “I can confirm that regular scheduled maintenance work, which included cutting the grass, took place on August 7. No further maintenance work was scheduled or has been undertaken in the last two weeks. Further maintenance work will be carried out, as scheduled, on a regular basis.”

Owner of Ravenside Retail Park, Nick Wilkins of Land Securities promised to raise the issue of potential sponsorship with the retail park’s tenants at their next meeting which is scheduled for later in the year. Joan is hoping that someone will take up the challenge.