‘Say no to motorbike noise’

29/1/13- New facillity for 1066 Motorcyles at the old Bexhill High School site, Bexhill
29/1/13- New facillity for 1066 Motorcyles at the old Bexhill High School site, Bexhill

A SIDLEY resident fears noise and fumes from motorcycle training at the end of her garden will make daily life “miserable”.

Meanwhile the owner of 1066 Motorcyle Training says he’s been handed “a bad deck of cards” by the county council and is trying to keep his business afloat.

Christine Spiller, of Newlands Avenue, claims track and office blocks were installed without planning permission and should not be in a residential area. She realises the business, moved from the former Sidley goods yard, is a victim of link road development, but thinks the site of the old Bexhill High is not suitable as its new home.

Chris lives in the nearest property but is concerned for children in the temporary nursery currently situated in the old King Offa dining room opposite, and said: “It will suffer track noise and fumes and there is little or no barrier; there are two large, open-slatted metal gates which are opposite each other. It really cannot be acceptable for youngsters to breath in these fumes and listen to continuous engine noise.”

She understands there will be three training sessions six days a week and motor vehicle tuition as well.

Neil Brennan-Wright of 1066 Motorcycle has now applied for retrospective planning permission and in her objection Chris commented: “I did not buy my property with the link road being built and certainly not a motorcyle training ground at the end of my garden. I have to accept the link road as progress, and helpful to our town, but the training track? No, please don’t make our lives even more miserable.”

Meanwhile Neil says this piece of land was made available by East Sussex County Council having made him leave the goods yard where he worked for 13 years with four full and four part-time staff. He claimed there was little information about impending BHLR work and one day he turned up to find 25 lorries with tree-felling work about to start. Having been given the option of the Bexhill High site he took it to keep the business going. He said however the noise from bikes would be minimal, running at just 15 mph, and would only be three or four hours a day.

He added: “Realistically we have been given a bad deck of cards here.”