School improving says principal

I would like to thank the Observer for organising its annual Bexhill Achievers Awards 2013 in December, held at Bexhill College.

Being relatively new to the area, I was previously unaware of the awards, but clearly they are a great way to celebrate the very best of the town.

I have to say I am massively impressed by Bexhill and the surrounding area - it is a lovely area rich with talent from so many. And that applies to Bexhill High as well.

I was thrilled that the academy was honoured no less than five times at the Achievers Awards:

Our wonderful Peer Mentoring group, the wonderful and dedicated Catering team, Philip Adkins, head of our very specialised ASPie autism unit, and sporting students Beth Harvey and Ajay Morphett.

I realise that there is a long way to go before Bexhill High can enjoy the full confidence of the town’s people - and I fully understand the reasons why.

Nobody likes to go into Special Measures, and indeed Prospects Academies Trust is well aware of the sheer commitment and hard work needed from everyone to emerge from that situation.

However, there is no doubt in mind that Bexhill High is improving, that things are certainly on the up, and that the future can be rosy.

And I hope that the richly-deserved winning of the five awards sends out a very powerful message to the community about what is happening at Bexhill High.

With the very best to everyone for 2014.


Interim principal Bexhill High