Sending out an S.O.S . to help Bexhill keep enjoying this Party In The Park

These are “desperate” times for Friends of Egerton Park now making an urgent appeal for new members.

But if no-one steps forward to join the committee it will have to fold warns spokeswoman and secretary Marcia Linden.

That will mean the end of the hugely popular and successful Party In The Park which is an annual family fun day celebrating much of what is happening in Bexhill and bringing together young and old, organisations, services and businesses in town.

Marcia is sending out an S.O.S and said: “As many of you know, over the past three years we have been struggling to keep a full committee. Sadly, the time has now come when we have only one Committee Member and that is the secretary.

Without a full Committee, FOEP will cease to be; no more annual Party In The Park and no-one to liaise between the public and the council regarding the upkeep, alterations and modernisation of Egerton Park.”

The group was set up nine years ago at the request of Rother District Council which wanted to improve use of the large park in the town centre prior to it being rejuvenated and revitalised as part of Bexhill’s regeneration plan.

“Egerton Park is used far more regularly now by people and it has been modernised and repaired,” said Marcia.

“All that work was done and people like what they see. Party In The Park was set up and it got bigger and bigger. It is a successful event - it was cancelled last year because of the weather being so bad - but it was doing very well.”

A date has not been set for this year and Marcia is hoping to hold the event alongside another during the summer.

“Party In The Park is all about family, local businesses, organisations, youth groups, and services; its is a platform for people getting to know about things that they might never have been aware of beforehand.

“It would be nice to have more than just one event but without a working committee that is impossible. It takes almost a year just to do Party In The Park.”

Marcia is hoping for a postive response for her appeal for new committee members - the group meets up once a month, with meetings lasting an hour, to discuss what is required to organise for Party In The Park, and decide who should take which role and responsibility.

“I am doing the whole thing myself at the moment - I am pulling my hair out,” she said. “But if no-one comes forward Friends of Egerton Park is going to fold. And that would be such a shame.

So please, if you have enjoyed the previous eight Party In The Park events and the use of Egerton Park, contact The Secretary now to discuss becoming a member of this Committee. Maria Linden 01424.731006 –”