Serial burglar jailed after Bexhill break-in and purse theft

Graham Brook SUS-141107-130023001
Graham Brook SUS-141107-130023001

A serial burglar has been jailed for 16 weeks after a purse was stolen during a break-in in Bexhill.

On 24 June an intruder entered a home in All Saints Lane, Bexhill, and took a purse containing cash and bank cards.

The residents were in the property but had left their front door open so their dog could go into their garden when the burglar struck.

Graham Brook, 43, was later arrested and pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods when he appeared at Brighton Magistrates’ Court.

Brook, of Arbourvale, St Leonards, was jailed for 16 weeks after magistrates were told about his lengthy criminal record.

Detective Inspector Ian Williams said: “Brook is a serial offender who has committed a string of burglaries across the area so him being jailed is a very positive result for Operation Magpie.

“He has more than 30 convictions for burglary so getting him out of Bexhill is good news for the local community.”

The conviction is another success for officers working on Operation Magpie, the force’s crackdown on burglars across the county.

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