Series of tough footrace events

oliver carey bexhill man doing cairo run
oliver carey bexhill man doing cairo run

AN endurance runner has finished 20th out of 140 in a race in desert conditions.

Oliver Carey, 31, who was brought up in Bexhill and currently resides and works as a chef in Brisbane, Australia, has just competed in the Sahara 2012 race in Egypt.

His time was 36 hours, 54 minutes and six seconds.

The endurance event took place in six stages, over seven days and covering a distance of 250 kilometres.

The course scenery is spectacular with all the landmarks that one would associate with a country like Egypt from sand dunes and pyramids to one valley, called the Valley of the Whales, which Oliver described as like something from the Flintstones.

Oliver took an interest in running when he was 14 at Bexhill High School, then when work and other activities took over.

Then whilst working in Mount Isa in Northern Australia in 2008 he took to running again.

Since then, Oliver has competed in 27 marathon and half- marathons around the world including Nassau, Bahamas, Rome, Jerusalem and Marrakesh

Back home this year in the UKon a 10 month work/holiday trip, Oliver had the opportunity to compete in the Hastings half marathon this March, and obtained a 97th position with a time of 1:27:11.

Dad Robert likes to think he was inspired by his own running experiences whilst at school.

Robert said: “I loved cross country at school and it was great competing against all the local schools like the old Grammar school, St Richards and private schools like the old Pendragon School in Hastings Road.

“I got my county colours (Sussex) and had the opportunity to run at many venues in the UK but nothing like the places that Oliver has been able to visit and run.”

Oliver is returning to Australia this month to continue his catering career but plans to continue his running when he can.

Oliver has had to change his lifestyle considerably since the running bug got to him and the emphasis on the proper food and liquid intake has been evident to his parents during his stay back home this summer.

His twin brother Scott, and sister Celine are proud of what he has achieved. Celine is taking part in the Poppy Half Marathon in Bexhill on Sunday.

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